Hide Left Sidebar Search Options In Google Search Result Pages

Now-a-days, whenever we search in Google, the result pages are displayed in the three-column user-interface. The left side is for the options provided by Google (for maps, videos,images and many more), the right side is for the sponsored links (that is the ads on Google) and middle column is for the result showing the list of pages for our search.

Some of us doesn’t like this three-column interface and want their search page to be more clear. So, Google chrome has understood this problem and has provided an extension called Hide Google Options as a solution.

Hide Google Options is a smart extension which will let you turn ON and OFF the Google options presented in the left-side column making your result page to be in two column user-interface.

You just need Google chrome for installation of this extension. When you will install it, it will first ask you the access to the data of around 86 websites including www.google.ae and www.google.as. You just have to click ‘Install’.


It will be installed in just a few seconds and will appear in the toolbar with this icon.


NOTE: Once installed and turned ON, this extension will not hide the Google options in all the search pages instead you have to turn it ON every time for every search page in which you need to hide Google options. This turn ON and OFF will not take time but can be done by just a left-click on its icon.

With this extension installed, you can either turn ON or OFF the Google options in every search page. The result page with Hide Google Options extension turned OFF will appear like this.


And, result page with this extension turned ON will appear with the first column of Google options hidden like this.image

You can also run this extension in incognito window by going in the ‘Tools’ and ‘Extensions’ and just mark the option ‘Run in incognito’. After that you will be able to hide the Google options even in incognito window.

TIP: Enabling this extension will record your browsing history and Google chrome will not be able to prevent it. So, it is advisable not to use this extension in incognito window.


Download Hide Google Options

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