Hide Internet Explorer Any Version In Windows

If your computer is being shared by many of the users, then it might be possible that you might have installed 2 browsers so that in one of them you can keep all your passwords and other important pages saved and the other is for the public usage, so that any other user may use it for their own purpose without disturbing yours. So, here I am with a tool which can help you to hide Internet Explorer on your system.

Even if you do not lock your system but you do not want anyone to touch Internet Explorer then we have a tool for you named as Invisible IE. Now this tool can be used to make your IE invisible with the help of a single click. You can see the screenshot of the tool, with the help of the Option tab you can make this tool to automatically start with the system or this tool should prompt for the password if any user wants to unhide it using this tool. Now this may be useful if someone discovers that it can unhide the IE.

Apart from this on the shortcuts tab, you can assign the shortcut key to all the functionalities of this tool like you can assign a certain combination of keys for Making IE invisible, visible and closing all the its windows. With the help of the last tab you can change the password for this tool. But do not dare to forget the old one, because then you will be in trouble. After entering the old password, the field below it will be enabled and then you can enter a new password.

Start this tool and then you can use the defined shortcuts to use the shortcuts. All the shortcuts to launch the tool and its presence in the Start menu will go hidden making it impossible to be launched from anywhere. The size of this tool is around and we have used it on Windows 7 Ultimate edition this tool will not work for 64-bit version, so if you face any problem while using this tool then you can let us know.

Download Invisible IE

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