Hide Google Related Bar In Google Chrome For A Webpage or Entire Website On All Pages

Google Related Bar has been really useful since the day I installed, as it shows related videos, web pages and images related to the content of the webpage you are reading in google chrome, if you don’t know about the google related bar, you can read here.

But for some of the websites the google related bar was not useful, in such cases there is solution to a hide the google related bar manually without using any script as shown in the image below. On right side of the google related bar you can see the text options which allows you hide the google related bar on a webpage or on entire website on all the pages.

8-21-2011 6-05-18 PM

Once you click the options text and select the google related to hide on the page or the website, it will not show up again on the same page or the website once you have made it hidden so you get to see the webpage without any distraction.

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