Hide Google Chrome Opened Tabs From Others To View or See

You might have come across a situation where you feel really embarrassed when someone’s enters into your room or in your office unannounced and peeps into your computer screen to find out what you are doing. It becomes really frustrating when you don’t want anyone to see what you are doing but you can’t stop them. There may be many activities which are very personal for you such as surfing various websites or viewing some videos, etc. So, for such situations we recommend a small application for you which can prove really helpful in above mentioned scenario.

Panic Button is basically a small, easy to use, helpful and a freely available application which has been specially developed for hiding your private tabs opened in your browser while surfing the web. This application which is also named as boss key application, performs one or multiple actions when the button is activated and provides help for its users. As already said, it includes hiding a window, but sometimes other things such as muting the volume and some other functions are also performed through it.

This application comes to you as a Google Chrome extension and as already mentioned, named as PanicButton. It adds functionality to your Chrome browser present in the computer and basically allows you to hide all open Chrome tabs with a single click whenever needed.


This extension can be easily downloaded from the link given below. Similar to the any other Google Chrome extension, it can be easily installed with the browser. Now, if we look into its inner working then we may find that the extension adds a single button to the Chrome address bar which you may observe after installing it. All other thinks are then handled and taken care by the extension itself. You only need a simple left-click on the button which hides all open tabs and displays a single blank tab instead in the browser interface which looks like as if you have just now opened the browser for surfing. After this, a second left-click is used to load the websites again so that you can continue using them which totally depends upon the wish of the user.

You may observe in the browser that a small green colored icon is present which shows the number of saved tabs attached to it. It has several options and features and you must take a look at all the options of the extension by right-clicking on the icon and selecting options from the context menu which is similar to the any other application. It also provides a functionality to set a password in order to protect tabs from being restored. So that, you may avoid restoring of tabs by anyone else who may theoretically click on the button to recover tabs.


Overall we can say that it is a nice little extension and can be used to enhance and protect your privacy. Interested users may download it from the link given below in order to explore its features.

Download PanicButton

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