Hide Google Chrome Apps Icons On New Tab Page

Google chrome apps are so helpful in doing so many other things with google chrome, you can install these useful chrome apps on the chrome web store from here. Just in case if you don’t want others to see what all apps you have installed in your google chrome or you don’t want to see those big icons on the new tab, you can easily hide them.

Follow the steps to hide chrome apps installed in your google chrome browser.

1. Open, Run google chrome and then open new tab to access chrome apps

2. Now to hide the apps icons in new tab in google chrome, click the arrow icon on the left of the Apps text as shown in the image below.

12-23-2010 1-56-53 PM

3. Once you click this icon, all the apps icons will be hidden but text will remain visible as shown in the image below.

12-23-2010 2-00-45 PM

Tip: You can also access apps installed without opening new tab, check out the trick here

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