Hide Facebook New Smart Lists In Left Pane To Show Up In Facebook Profile Page & Homepage

Facebook has yet again come up with another new feature just now, yesterday they added the feature which allows you to see real time updates from what your friends are doing on facebook, but as if now they don’t seem to useful features on facebook as they make the facebook home and profile page look more messed up with over flooding of information.

Just like the new facebook smart lists which show up in left pane on facebook home and profile page as shown in the image below are the latest additions which makes facebook more heavy, not everyone like these lists to appear even if they appear only to you.

facebook annoying lists

In order to hide these lists from appearing in the left pane in facebook, the only thing you need to do it scroll over the left side of the list and you will see a pen edit icon – click it and you will see the option to hide the lists as shown in the image below.

9-23-2011 12-07-53 AM

Click more to view all the lists as once and then you will see all these lists on one page, and you can hide the ones which you don’t want to see.

9-23-2011 12-09-56 AM

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