Hide Facebook Group Link To Stop Show Up On Facebook Home Profile Page

Facebook is a one of the most popular social networking website these days, many people waste so much time browsing facebook but still I would say its ok people this way interact and have so many conversations with among themselves.

One of the most annoying things is the new facebook groups released recently, we just wrote some tips on how to Stop, Block Facebook Group Chat Messages & Email Notifications. Today we will tell you how you can hide a facebook group link  facebook profile home page navigation on the left pane show in the image below.

12-24-2010 11-56-07 PM

In order to hide a facebook group to stop appearing in facebook home page navigation of your profile, click the facebook group link to open the facebook group home page and then click the edit settings button shown on the right top corner of the facebook group page.

12-24-2010 11-59-45 PM

Now, under the drop down which says Show this group in home navigation select Never as shown in the image below.

12-25-2010 12-01-24 AM

Now click Save Settings button on the message prompt to save the preferences and the group will not appear under your facebook profile home page navigation as shown in the image below as an example.

12-25-2010 12-04-23 AM

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