Hide Extension, Plugin Button Icon From Google Chrome Toolbar

Google Chrome is no doubt a great browser, since the day I started using it, I found it much faster and responsive than any other browser including internet explorer, firefox and opera etc. Google has done some nice optimizations to make google chrome faster and easier  to use, searching from google chrome is also more fun and it provides better user experience.

Now with time there are many google chrome plugins gets launched which are useful in some or the other way, most of the time when you install some google chrome plugin it will add a small icon in the google chrome toolbar as shown in the image below.

2-16-2011 4-03-43 PM

In case you want hide the button icon of any extension, you just need to take your mouse over the icon of the extension, and right click on it and then select Hide Button as shown in the image below.

2-16-2011 4-06-40 PM

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