Hide Desktop Icons, Windows Taskbar After Specific Time Interval Automatically

Computer users often want to have a feature through some application or tool by which they can hide their desktop’s icons when they are not required. Some of those users have tried many applications like Fences which is used to organize the desktop by setting all the icons on it and also to temporarily hide those icons when they are not required. This way screen looks more elegant for taking screenshots or for simply watching the desktop wallpaper more clearly.

Auto Hide Desktop Icons is one of the similar applications which hide both desktop icons and taskbar in windows. As said earlier, that by doing so the screen looks more beautiful and thus nice screenshots can be taken. This feature of hiding the icons comes in picture when a timer is used and it is set in such a way that it hides the taskbar and desktop icons according to the configured time frame. Users can normalize their desktop by simply clicking anywhere on the desktop screen from any one of their mouse button i.e. either by left, middle or right click mouse button according to the set configuration.


Auto Hide Desktop Icons is a simple, easy to use, lightweight and portable Windows program. As discussed earlier, due to its automatic hiding and showing feature of the desktop icons, it has become the right desktop tool if the desktop is packed and filled with icons in order to see more of your desktop background. After installing the Auto Hide Desktop you just have to simply launch it and then just select the mouse button to restore your desktop to complete view. It provides you options which are used to hide taskbar, starting it at system startup. One of the option allows you to disable the icon hiding function. There is a time frame slider to select the time frame for which you can hide the desktop icons. The maximum time available for setting the timer is 100 seconds which can be selected from this slider. After doing all the configuration, you just have to double click on the system tray icon and as soon as you click the icon, it will start the timer and hide the desktop icons and similarly the taskbar, if that option was selected as well. Once you hide these icons, you can anytime bring back your desktop to full bloom by hitting any of the configured mouse clicks.

One of the limitation of this small application is that the system tray only displays a single icon which can be used to launch the application and it also starts the timer. Apart from this it doesn’t provide any context menu, which means that there is no way to exit the application. For exiting the application all you can do is that either you can kill the process manually or you may log off the system to remove Auto Hide Desktop Icons from the system tray.


After giving its much of its description, we simply recommend you to use this small yet useful application. Just download it from the below given link and use it to know more of its functionalities.

Download Auto Hide Desktop Icons

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