Hide Desktop Icons When Computer Becomes Idle

Hiding desktop icons gives a clean look and better impression to others about how you use your computer, we have already shared many tips on hiding icons on desktop like Hide Desktop Icons As Per Mouse Movement, Hide Desktop Icons With Mouse Double Click Action and Hide Desktop Icons through a desktop shortcut

Today we will tell you about a freeware program called DeskDuster which allows you to hide desktop icons after a specific time period which you can specify. Using the program is really simple, you can specify the time in minutes by moving the vertical slider.


After the time you had specified the desktop icons will disappear if the computer is idle which means that both keyboard and mouse must not be used by anyone. In order to show the desktop icons again just move your mouse or press any key on the keyboard.

This application works on all windows version including windows 7, we have just tested it on windows 7 32 bit Ultimate Edition, below is the link to download the utility.

Download DeskDuster

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