Hide Annoying Annotations On Youtube Video [Firefox, Google Chrome]

Have you ever been annoyed with annotations you see on the video while watching a youtube video, as these annotations or as some people call them the bubble message which appears above the video blocks the vision and prevent one to see the youtube video clearly.

stop annoying youtube annotations

A youtube video with lots of annotations can really cause a great issue by obstructing the vision and youtube video content. There are several ways you can hide the annotations on the youtube videos and stop them from appearing on the videos.

Install Extensions Which Automatically Hides Annotations

For Firefox users, they can install the extension named called Youtube Hide Annotations which can turn off the annotations automatically on every youtube video when you watch the youtube video.

youtube hide annotations firefox

For Google Chrome users, they can install the extensions Magic Actions for Youtube which allows you to hide the annotations on the youtube video.

hide youtube video annotations google chrome

In case you don’t want to install any extensions, then you can configure your youtube account as well so that no youtube video shows annotations.

Configure Youtube Account To Hide Annotations

For this you will need to sign in to youtube using your google or gmail account and then you will need to go to settings.

settings youtube

Under settings, locate the option which says Playback and under playback uncheck the checkbox which says Show annotations on videos.

hide annotations on youtube

Once this feature is unchecked, you will need to click Save button to save changes. Once the changes are saved, all the annotations on any youtube video wont appear.


We hope the above methods help you get rid of annotations and messages on the youtube video, if you have a related tip to share or some how the above procedure does not work for you let us know by leaving a comment at the end of this page trough the comment section, let us know if this tip is helpful for you.

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