HD View Can Help You View High Definition Pictures Smoothly

Now a days with some great new camera technologies coming in and some nice innovative ideas from photographers has added life to photos. Sets of images are often panoramic, that is, they cover very wide fields of view. Since monitors typically contain only one to two million pixels, it is only possible to actually see 1/1000th of such image data at once. Also, viewing very wide fields of view require unwrapping of an image projected onto a curved surface (think of a map of the world) which can cause distortions.

HD View takes advantage of current graphics hardware to allow smooth panning and zooming as well as the viewing transformation. It will allow smooth panning and zooming large and high definition images.


It will always display the current field of view with an appropriate projection. This means that when zoomed way in you should be presented with a standard perspective projection providing a sense of immersion, and when zoomed out you experience a curved projection so that get a full overview of the scene. It will automatically integrate with silverlight installed on your computer.

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