Hackulous Ready To Bring Apps From Apple MAC App Store

I have been telling you consistently that Cydia and Hackulous are just waiting for the release of the Mac App Store as after they will be lining up their versions of that App Store. We mentioned that Cydia was after unleashing the full power of MAC OS and they claimed that they will not be pirating the tool offered by MAC App Store but thy will be creating some more interesting tool on their own, whereas Hackulous is after pirating the tools and softwares offered by MAC App Store. In this post I will be telling you about the new step taken by Hackulous for pirating the Mac App Store.


They have already mentioned that they will be using a tool named as ‘Kickback’ which will pirate the tools and then it will be easier of you to download the tool present on that App Store for free. The irony is, they have already predicted the method of doing so. The Hackulous mentioned that this tool will be used to remove the DRM from the applications at MAC App store which will make them free to be used. The trick as already be discovered by they will not be releasing the tool before the launch of Mac App Store.

They also mentioned that it they released this tool before the launch of the official Mac App Store then the developers and the sellers will be frustrated and they will not be getting the fruitful results of their hard work and this can lead to a very serious step against them and it might happen that next time they will not be able to release the pirated version of any of the tool from Apple. So they will give some time to Apple MAC App Store to spread out their applications on their own and then Hackulous will be playing their role.

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