Hack and Reveal Google Chrome Password With Chrome Password Decryptor

Chrome Password Decryptor is a free to use tool which can reveal the remembered hidden passwords in google chrome.It will automatically detect the default user profile in google chrome and will display all the login usernames and passwords stored for all the sites in clear text. Later we had written about tools to hack and recover saved credentials in google chrome, hack saved passwords in any browser, Hack Windows Live Messenger Password, Trick To Remember Passwords Yahoo Mail and recently written about how to hack stored passwords in internet explorer


Here is how you can use to reveal all google chrome stored login credentials

In two simple steps you can export all the secret login usernames and password stored in google chrome, first you need to make sure that google chrome is not running and then run this tool and secondly click the restore button to export the remembered credentials in HTML format.

Note: First time you run this tool, it will automatically display the default google chrome profile and then click the show button to decrypt and display all the login secrets in google chrome.

Direct Link Chrome Password Decryptor


  1. says

    The software downloaded from the link provided shows problem. When trying to install it, my PC restarted automatically. Be careful.
    I downloaded it from Softpedia, but there was no such problem?

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