H.264 Video Codec Support Getting Removed In Google Chrome

HTML5 is getting popular day by day, as just recently I mentioned about new feature of uploading a video in YouTube and that feature was possible only with HTML5 in Google Chrome. Now this HTML5 is promoted by Google these days and that is the reason they have taken a decision in removing the support for one of the codecs in upcoming months. In this post I will be telling you about that codec and I will also mention that what might be the reason for removing the support of this codec.


You can call this codec as h.264, first of all let me tell you that Google Chrome was considered to be the only browser which supported almost every format of the video file, but now this decision of Google may remove the tag from Google Chrome. Google wants to promote the HTML5 and that is the reason they have thought of de-supporting the HTML5 browser.

They want to support the high quality open codecs and they expect that a lot has to come this year which will enhance the performance of the videos on the browser. So, after sometime you will have to download most of the videos or you will have to use other browsers if you were working with Google Chrome all the time. They are already supporting WebM8 and Theora video codecs and they will be supporting few more codecs for supporting open innovations. They have published this news so that all the web sites which consider this browser to be of great importance will think of the video formats on their sites and then they will make the necessary changes which can make Google Chrome compatible with the new videos.

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