Guide To Install Cydia On iPad 2

Finally ipad 2 jailbreak is out for most of the users who have been waiting for it for months, now ipad 2 jailbreak is out any one can easily jailbreak their ipad 2 but they should be running ios 4.3.3 The entire process is so simple that any one can do it, you just need to open in your safari browser on your ipad. Please make sure you backup your ipad content, apps and other data through itunes so that you can restore it later if anything goes wrong.

Procedure To Jailbreak Your iPad 2

1. Open on your ipad safari browser, you will see cydia app which mentioned as free which you just need to tap to install on your ipad 2 and jailbreak it.


2. Tap free two to times to install it on your ipad 2 as shown in the image below.


Once you do it, you will see cydia getting installed on your ipad 2 instantly, and installed your ipad 2 is jailbroken as shown in the image below.



  1. Walt says

    I’ve already done it, but I don’t think it’s worth it. Can’t find enough programs or stuff to do with it to make it all worth. So I would like to go back to ‘normal’. But how?

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