Guide To Create & Download iPhone App For Your Website or Blog Using Bloapp

With the increasing penetration on mobile web, you may want to create an iphone app, an android app for your blog which helps you reach more readers and target audience. As we all know creating an app is really difficult for iphone or android unless you have some programming knowledge and getting it approved on the app stores is another difficult story and in case you want to hire some one to develop an app for your blog, it involves the following slow steps.

  • Signup for Apple’s Developer Program (requires up to 1 month approval time and need to pay ninety nine dollars a year)
  • Hire a Graphic Designer
  • Hire an iOS Programmer
  • Develop the app
  • Wait for up to 2 weeks for Apple to review your app
  • etc.

All these above steps will surely waste much of your time and money both, but we have a solution called Bloapp which is a free online tool for bloggers and webmasters to convert their blogs or websites into a native iPhone app in less than 5 minutes. All you need is, go to and create a free account.


Once you have created your account, add your blog or website to create a iphone app for it as shown in the image below.


Once your blog is added, you will need to verify by adding a meta tag as shown in the image below.


After verification you can customize the blog iphone app by clicking the customize link or you can also add a new blog as shown in the image below.

7-6-2011 2-17-05 PM

You can customize the iphone app text color, background color, change the theme layout and also change the font and its size as well as shown in the image below.

7-6-2011 1-46-51 PM

7-6-2011 1-47-11 PM

7-6-2011 1-47-34 PM

Once you have specified all your settings as you see in the snapshot above, your app is available instantly in the Apple Appstore via the blo`app app that serves as the reading platform for your app. It also allows you to even generate a QR code for you to promote your application to your blog readers.

7-6-2011 2-26-26 PM

Now you or your blog readers will need to scan the QR code using the bloapp which they are required to install on their iphone before they can download your blog iphone app and read it on their iphones.

On iPhone How To Download Your Blog App

1. Firstly search and download the free bloapp from apple app store, and then scan the QR Code of your blog as shown in the screenshot below.


Scan the QR code generated for your blog on bloapp web interface as shown in the image below.


Now it will pop up the message to add the blog app to bloapp for reading, and once added you will see it there as shown in the image below.


Tap on the blog app icon to read your blog through, bloapp as shown in the image below.


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