Guide To Connect Your Facebook Profile On Bing & How To Disconnect It Later

Microsoft Bing has rolled out new feature called Bing Social Search which allows you to connect your facebook account with bing and so that Bing and Facebook offer you better search results and a more personalized experience, all with the help of your Facebook friends. The social search results you’ll see are built on Facebook’s instant personalization and "like" and share features.

  • Liked results  Facebook’s "like" and share features let you like and share content. When searching on Bing, you’ll see what your Facebook friends have "liked" and shared in your search results. Your friends introduce you to new music, restaurants, movies, and more, and now Bing helps you discover what they have "liked" and shared on the web.
  • Facebook profile search  When you search for a friend, relative, or colleague, Bing finds the results from Facebook closest to you based on your Facebook connections.

Just when you have connected your facebook account profile with bing, you can search your friends facebook profile from bing directly without logging to facebook separately you can track their status updates , likes and facebook shared items via bing search. For example as shown in the snapshot of the bing social search shown in the image below.


In order to connect your facebook profile on bing, you just need to go to and sign in with your facebook account credentials,  follow the step by step procedure below for more information.

1. Go to and you in the top right menu on the bing search home page you will notice the new option which allows you sign in with facebook account.

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2. Once you click connect to facebook it will redirect you to facebook login page, where you need to enter your facebook account credentials to proceed further.


3. When you are signed in you will be redirected to bing social search page from where you can start search your facebook friends and their likes on facebook from bing search.


Note: You can sign in on bing search both with your hotmail account and facebook account at the same time.

What About Your facebook privacy?

If you are really worried your facebook account privacy affected with this feature, you should know that its only you who is able to do the search on your facebook account friends and other data, no other can do it with bing without knowing your facebook account password but your friends will get to know you facebook likes on bing till the time its connected

Another thing once you have connected your facebook account on Bing, only your friends will see what you have "liked" and shared. Your public Facebook profile information will only appear to people based on your Search for me on Facebook setting on Facebook. For example, if set to Friends of Friends, then only your Facebook friends and friends of friends would be able to find you in Facebook profile search on Bing.

How Does Bing Access Your Facebook Account Information and How Does It Use ?

In order for Bing to enable Facebook instant personalization, we maintain a cache of public "likes" and shares. We also receive your list of Facebook friends to determine which "likes" or shares are from your friends. Your Facebook "likes" and shares will show up to friends on Bing only if they are set in Facebook to be visible to everyone.

When you search for a person, Bing sends your search request to Facebook, and Facebook then returns the results to Bing. Facebook doesn’t use the search information for any other purpose and deletes it within 24 hours.

Bing encrypts any information that it receives from Facebook that could be linked to an individual. We use this information only to operate and improve the service. It isn’t shared with anyone other than as described here, nor used for any other purposes, such as advertising.

Some Questions That May Arise In Your Mind Are Answered Below

Who can see my Facebook profile in Facebook profile search on Bing?

At a minimum, your Facebook friends will see you in Facebook profile search on Bing. If your Search for me on Facebook setting lets your friends of friends search for your profile on Facebook, your friends of friends will see you in your Facebook profile search on Bing.

How do I prevent my Facebook profile page from appearing in web search results?

Facebook’s privacy controls have a public search setting. Turning off this setting will remove your profile page from web search engines including Bing. Turning off the public search setting on Facebook does not affect Facebook profile search on Bing.

How do I exclude myself from Facebook profile search on Bing?

To prevent yourself from being included in Facebook profile search results on Bing and block the Bing application on Facebook, log in to Facebook, and then go to 

How do I know if the bing social search features are working?

If the features are working, in the upper right corner of the page you’ll see your name and the Facebook icon, as shown in the image below for my profile.


Why doesn’t my friend show up in Facebook profile search?

If your friend has disabled instant personalization, disabled the Facebook platform, or blocked the Bing application, then your friend won’t show up in Facebook profile search on Bing.


  1. margarita says

    I had no idea that Bing had accessed my Facebook account until now. I am having a hard time removing it and will never use Bing again1

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