Google+ Windows System Tray Notifier For Notifications

Google new experiment google+ seems to be a fresh nice clean approach towards social networking, which is getting more and more users registering everyday. So many people have started liking google+ interface more than facebook and some of them are now even moving from facebook to google+

We have been posting different useful tips on how you can make most out while using google+, including ways to get invited on google+, you can read all the tips here Today we will share a software which is designed to show notifications of google+ in windows taskbar system tray.

Google black bar already allow you to catch all the notification in case you are browsing web and using gmail and other google services like google search, calendar etc as shown in the image below.

7-20-2011 3-25-15 PM

Now you even if you are not browsing web or not using any google service which displays the black bar, you can get all the google+ notifications instantly using the free desktop notification freeware software called G+ Notifier is a Windows utility for the Google+ social network! G+ Notifier sits in the notification area (aka systray) and alerts you to notifications from Google+.

It sits in windows system tray, once configured and then it will display all the notifications and show you unread notifications you have on google+ as shown in the image below.


In future updates the developer plans to show all these notifications like you see on google+ as desktop notifications as shown in the image below.

google  desktop notifications 

Hopefully these new changes will come soon, will be really useful for this software as they will make it more useful and more than a just a notifier. You can also follow G+ notifier on google+ to get more future updates news at this profile link

Download G+ Notifier from here [ Via ]

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