Google Will Drive The Car For You

You will be laughing after reading this news or you must have got an idea of the news by its title. Google finally started to focus on the driving safety of the people. The main reason to start focusing in this area was to provide an efficient way to drive as obviously an automated system will consume less amount of fuel as compared to the one human who is driving the car. Now this news was really a surprise for me as I always expected that Google will out of its new changes in its features, but this news was a huge bump.

Google has decided to introduce the concept of the driver-less where the computer will be driving and it is really not a big deal to do so. As they tried to concentrate upon the safety of the people and the method to drive which can be environment friendly. Till now they have tested their cars to run around 140,000 miles and they are sure that this technology will be under user in a while and undoubtedly it will be the best way to facilitate the one who is driving and the pollution control constraints.

As far as this innovation is concerned, there will lots of maps, radars and sensors which will be attached to the car in order to give the car its own eyes. All the above factors mentioned above will provide the car to be away from all sort of obstacle and drive wisely avoiding any sort of accident while driving on the road. Please do not misinterpret the statement as Google will not produce its own car in order to implement this feature but many of the cars (around 10) has been tested and surely they will be implementing this innovation on any of them or they order any automobile firm to build a new car.

This project asset will be of around 40 million bugs and it is a very good initiative to save thousand of life which are thrown away every year due to brutal accidents. We will try our best to keep you updated with the latest news related to this interesting topic. Meanwhile if you come across any other news which can be shared among us then please do not hesitate to drop it in the comments section. Have a nice day!!!

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