Google Web Search On Mac OS X Desktop [App]

Searching the web has become a very important part of the experience of the Internet, and we spend a lot of time everyday searching for information/entertainment. The usual process for searching the web is opening a web browser, and visiting the particular site that maybe a search engine or a content based site (such as YouTube).

Monocle is a freeware app for Mac OS X that attempts to simplify this everyday process. It sits in your status bar, and can be activated by a simple, global hotkey, or by clicking on the status bar icon. To set the hotkey, you must visit the preferences dialog and set it manually.

Out of the box, Monocle comes with Google, Wikipedia, Bing, Yahoo! and YouTube search engines, but supports the addition of custom search engines. To add your own engine, go the preferences, visit the site where the search engine is hosted, and search for the word “MAGIC”.

Apart from searching, Monocle also includes support for search query suggestions from Google, and instant search results. As soon as you start typing, you start seeing relevant search results from the partial query. Monocle also comes with an API, so that you can include suggestions from sites other than Google, if supported.

Monocle is also customizable. While the default search engine is Google, you can change that. Once the Monocle search box is open and focussed, you can quickly switch between search engines by using ‘callwords’. For each search engine, you can set a callword, and to switch to it, type ‘:’ followed by the callword. For example, if ‘w’ is the the callword for Wikipedia, to switch to Wikipedia, type ‘:w’, and press the spacebar. You can also scroll through all listed engines by press the up and down keys.

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