Google Videos Can Be Easily Moved To YouTube From Google Videos Interface [Deadline Removed]

Initially Google stated that there will be a deadline for transferring the videos from Google Videos, this deadline was upto 29th of April but now this deadline has been removed. Google mentioned that all the users should shift their videos from Google videos to YouTube. In this post we will be talking about the method with the help of which you can shift the videos from Google videos to YouTube.


I know that Google videos and YouTube are of Google only then why everyone has to manually make the shift Google can do the same with all the videos present on the Google video. That is the Google removed the deadline of the making that change and then Google is finding a way on their own to shit all those videos on YouTube, but still if you want to shift the videos manually from Google Videos to YouTube then they have provided the option named as ‘Shift to YouTube’ which will shift them to YouTube but then you should have an account on YouTube of the same e-mail account with the help of which you access Google videos.

If you satisfy the above conditions then you can shift the videos manually but if you want to wait then I think Google will itself shift the videos to YouTube. But if you still prefer to download the videos from Google videos then you have that option available on the website. Google mainly wants to facilitate the users and thus they will not force the users to shift the videos. Let us see that what will be their next step regarding this web service.

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