Google Video Going To Shut Down – Download Your Uploaded Videos

Google Video had been there since January 2005. It was the only video hosting site provided by Google before they acquired YouTube in late 2006. YouTube success sealed the fate of Google video long back. It was just an operational formality left from Google side.

Google had stopped the upload of videos to its site in May 2009. Now after 2 years later it will shut down all the operations of Google Video on 13th May’ 2011. Google Video users received mail from Google last week stating that they should download all their videos and move it to YouTube. It also stated that streaming of videos will stop from 29th April’ 2011.

Google Video was a better service provided by Google than YouTube in terms of restrictions imposed. There were no limits in term of size and time of video on Google Video as compare to 2GB size limit on YouTube.

Anyone who stream videos on Google Video will see this message.

Google Video

However Google Video will become a video search index allowing users to search across various websites for videos. Just in case if you are not happy with Google Videos shutting down, sign the petition against it at the link below.

To download the videos you have uploaded go to video status page and click on Download Video under Actions column on the right side of each video. In case you have many videos uploaded on Google Video then you have to go through pagination controls located on the bottom right of the page to access them all. Once the video is downloaded you will see message Already Downloaded. Remember you can only download them till 13th May’ 2011 only.

Download Google Videos that you haven’t uploaded using our guide. You can download them till 29th April’ 2011 only, because you won’t be able to stream them after that.

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