Google TV Coming Soon In Your Web Browser

Google has been doing wonders for a long time. Google is something which can never be eliminated from your life because we expect that solution to everything in our life will be available on Google and the best part is that Google tends to do so. Google recently introduced a Google TV in companionship with SONY and I hope it will go well once it is fully launched. Till now if you do not have access to it and you wan to have a taste of it then you can go for using the feature or an option named as Spotlight which will help you to see some of the trailers of the movie or to see some of the serials which can be shown by Google TV.


In the snapshot you can see the appearance of the Spotlight feature, here you can see the 8 major providers. The description of each has been given given below, so if you want to go for watching some top stories, some clips then you would prefer to click CNN but I am always interested in watching movies, some Sci-Fi action so I clicked on Crackle which led to me to another which has been shown below in the snapshot. there you can see that there are some of the movies on that page which are categorized under certain categories and then if you wan to see any clip or the trailer of that movie you need to click on that movie and then you are supposed to sign up for a account and then you will be able to see the clipping or the trailer in your browser. you will get a taste of watching anything using Google TV it is nothing but a smart way to advertise then once you like it then you would love to have it on your TV.


We will try our best to keep you updated with any information related to the Google TV as it is going to bring some revolution and I hope in future like its search engine and e-mail account. Everybody would like to be its user. So, if anybody who is a freak of this technology and manages to get some information which is important and has not been shared by us then please let us know by putting that information in the comments section, we will be glad to share it with rest of our users. So, keep reading and have a nice day!!!

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