Google Search Results Website Previews

Google is really trying its best to improve the search engine service for its users. Few weeks back I mentioned about the newly introduced AJAX powered search option, which really a very deep impact on all the web services over Internet and that is the reason, many other popular websites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Apple iTunes and few more adopted this new technology. Google has been sincerely trying its best to improve their facilities for the users. Even few days back I mentioned about the new location Google buzz, which was under testing and it is believed that sooner or later we will be able to lay hands on it.

It generally happens that when we search anything on Google, then we initially open all the results for that keyword. After opening all the possible sites at once we wait for the most appropriate site which can fulfill our needs. But this really spoils most of the time if we start ransacking each and every site at once. So, Google has kept this point in their mind and hence they are planing to introduce a new feature in the search engine which can help you to see the preview of the website which has been selected by you.

With the help of this feature they have tried to make the website search quite analogous to the image search wherein you can put the keyword in the search field and then press the search button. After this you can see the results and then you will also be able to see the preview of those websites. It will not show you the complete website instead you will be able to see the important section of the website in which your typed keyword is mentioned and thus it will really help you to select the appropriate websites which can help and believe me or not this will really help you to reduce time consumption while searching anything on Google.

We will try our best to keep you updated with any new update regarding the features introduced in Google search or any other service offered by them. Meanwhile if you get any type pf information related to this news which can help the readers then please do not hesitate to put it down in the comments section as we will glad to share it. Have a nice day!!!

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