Google Street View Data Collection Started In India From Bangalore

Recently we mentioned that now Public Transit information is also available in Delhi and Bangalore and now that they have decided to go for further improvement by introducing Street View in India and they have already started with Bangalore as their first city. In this post we will tell you more about this new feature which is going to be available for all the Indians soon.


Google has already most of the countries under Street View feature; they say that they have covered around 27 countries and now India will be the 28th one, as you can see the image of the vehicles which will be running on the roads of Bangalore to take the data for Street View. First of all allow me to tell you that what is ‘Street View’.

With the help of this feature you will be able to see the streets on Google Maps, if want the direction to a certain location and you want to check the view of that particular location, then just click that option and then it will show you the images of that street, you will feel that you yourself is standing on the road with all the same images around you. This really helps a user to get the real-time feeling of the maps.

For this feature, a huge amount of data is to be collected, so they have cars equipped with cameras which will be recording the view of the streets and in the image you can also see a special tricycle which is known as Trike, used for covering the rural areas where your cars cannot go. So this smart vehicle solves the purpose of recording those streets.

The only disadvantage with this feature is that they need to updates at a regular interval else they will be of no use. We are just waiting for this feature to get rolled on. I hope that this news was useful to you, if you found it genuine then please go on sharing it with your friends and if you have got anything new related to this then please let us know as it might happen that you get a chance you see these vehicles from your eyes and then talk to people collecting the data for Google Maps


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