Google Started Showing Instant Previews For Google Ads On Google Search Results Page

Today when I was searching on google, I noticed a new change being rolled out, that when I accidently moved my mouse and clicked on description text over the ads on the right side of the search results page, it started showing the instant image preview of these ads too which appeared in the right sidebar banner on the google search results page as shown in the image below.


This is another great new feature which could to good for the advertiser, but may not be liked by all users and it could be distracting some users out there. So as this feature has seemed to rolled out for many google account users, you will see this feature in action only when you are signed in with google account when you are doing the search.


As you can see, you will see the lens icon on the right of each search results page google add with which you will be able to see the instant preview in the form of a small instant image preview.

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