Google Sent Mail To Users About Settlement Of Google Buzz Lawsuit

Hi Readers!! you may got bored of about listening about the Google news again and again but I can’t help it there are in the headlines these days and that too in court. In this post I will be telling you the acquisition which was made by Gmail users to Google and I will tell you about the result which came after the settlement of the lawsuit. This is something related to Google Buzz and I am sure that you will like it.


Google informed all the Gmail users in US that they will be getting a single after the settlement of the acquisition of that lawsuit. Some of the Gmail users from US accused that Gmail Buzz is stealing of their privacy as it every time states of their status and so it was expected that after the settlement of the Google Buzz acquisition some of the amount will be distributed among the users, but Google has decided that the amount which has been retrieved for the settlement i.e. $8.5 million will be used by the Google to educate their users about the privacy so that they should be more alert and feel secure while using the services next time.

It clearly stated that not a single penny will be given to any one but they will be used as the way which has been stated above. This message was conveyed to all the Gmail users in US with the help of a mail including the same information regarding the lawsuit mentioned above and in most of the accounts this mail was found directly in the spam folder. Google has rarely contacted their users through e-mail and even if they do so, their own Gmail inbox puts them in the Spam folder. Now nothing can be more worse than this.

This is a news which shown some sort of conflict between the users of US and the Google hope it will be settled soon. We will try to keep you updated with all the information related to this news till then keep searching about it and if you get to know anything related to it then please let us know by putting it in the comments section because if we found it genuine then we will be glad to share about it. Keep reading and have a nice day!!!

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