Google Search Will Tell You Whether A Website Is Risky To Visit

Today I am going to tell you about once of the best features which has been introduced this year by Google. We always care about the malwares and the other hacking attacks on our system and that’s Google took an initiative to tell the people about the probability of getting attacked when they visit any new website. In this post I will be elaborating about this new feature of Google.


You must be knowing that Google Search Engine in most popular and most widely used search engine in this world. Many of us visit many news sites by the reference of Google, Google took any initiative to tell the people about the site which they are going to visit from their Google Search Result page, if the website shown in the result page has already been hacked or attacked by third party then they will add a label on that site in their Search Result page.

This is to notify you that this site has already been attacked so if you leave a piece of information on that site then it is vulnerable to get attacked. It is obvious that this label will really affect the traffic on their website but Google has also taken care of that problem. Google will contact the author or the owner of that website through its webmaster tools and as soon as they feel that the attacked vulnerability has been removed then then this label will also be removed as early as possible. Despite this if you want to accelerate the procedure to reviewing your website then you can report the Google to have a check as early as possible.

If you want to have a check on your website then you can ask Google to have a check on your website and this it will also help them to get notified as early as possible when their website is under attack. So in this way Google is helping the owner of the site to tighten the security and also the user to prevent their content from getting attacked. Gooooogle RoCks!!!!!!

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