Google Search Page Design Is Going Through A Change

Today morning I noticed some new changes being made in google search page design, I observed some different styling of search results, representation of search results in such a way that the most suited ones in the first or second position were adjusted with such a font size that they were getting maximum chances of getting clicked as shown in the image below.

6-20-2011 1-24-09 PM 

As you can easily notice in the search results, it shows the URL of the website just below the title hyperlinked to the search result page and content description was appearing after that, I have seen this kind of layout in design of search results pages on google, however this new change was only reflected when I was signed in with my google account, and it also displayed a message when I search with the same query I used earlier, it even told how many times I have clicked on a search result earlier which was really surprising for me to know as shown in the image below.

6-20-2011 1-38-53 PM

Looks like google search interface is going through some testing, as it going through some design overhaul as it appears from the above snapshots, let see how does google make search more fun, easy and quick for users.

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