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Finally I can say this to any software engineer that if you are really eligible to do wonders and think our of box, then I can make you to be a part of Google. You can imagine that How will he react. Google and Microsoft, they both are the dream company of all the software employees and anyone would like to see himself or herself in Google or Microsoft and in this post I will be telling you about a way in which you can also give a chance to your friend to be a part of Google.

Now you might be thinking that why should you waste your time in all these efforts for anyone else. So, let me tell you one thing that this can help you to make Rs 1,00,000 for single useful reference made by you to Google. Google has started its External Reference Program and through this program it is inviting all the references from the people who are not the employees of Google. So, here is your chance to refer anyone, just make sure that he or she is interested in changing the job, or he/she will change the job if they get the opportunity to work in Google for some of the opening available in India.


I will be giving you a link to online form submission where all the details of that employee is to be submitted and then they will revert back to you if your reference is selected for that position. As you can the format of the form in the snapshot shown above wherein all the basic details like current designation, email-id, name etc. are to be filled. Currently they have this program for the software engineers at Bangalore and Hyderabad and these form entries are eligible till 15th of October 2010.


With this program they have a very huge domain to select best employees from all the over the world and simultaneously they want that there should be considerable amount of participation, so the idea of Rs 1 lacs is not a bad deal. I hope that I have really helped many of my readers to get a very useful information, which can help you to make money and simultaneously it will really help the person who is getting referred by you to giving a turning point to his career. Please let us know you managed to earn 1 lacs through this program.

External Reference Form

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  1. Siddanth says

    I am a software engineer worked for 3 years, tech blogger and currently pursuing my MBA.Any idea on the job profiles they want or any MBA profiles they require.You have any idea on that ?

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