Google Reader Official Android Application Launched

Hello Reader!! You might have got an idea related to the news which is covered in this post. Google reader is one of the services offered by Google which helps you to be in touch with all the new feeds generated by sites, this news will be helpful mostly for the bloggers or the people who are really interested in browsing the web and getting updated with latest news and technology. In this post I will be telling you about the new features of the Google Reader for mobile phones.


All the web application and web services are changing their platform at such a high rate. Initially it Google Documents, then it is Google Reader. Apart from Google Application for Facebook and Twitter are also getting upgraded from time to time. So, Google finally launched the mobile version of Google Reader and let me tell you that it is equipped with all the basic features like it will show you all the unread posts, you will also be able to share them with all your friends, you can like them and you can do all which you used to do with your Google reader on your laptop. It has also some more features like, you can use multiple accounts and then you search the posts, you will also be given the features of full subscription.

Some of the features which cannot be seen easily are mentioned as follows:

  • You can use Volume keys to navigate in the while reading the posts, you just need to make some changes in the setting.
  • You use the third part application to send any of the items, by just clicking the Menu button over any item.
  • You can also rename or organize any folder by just clicking that folder for a longer period of time.

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