Google Reader Desktop Notifier [ Grain ]

Google Reader Desktop Notifier alerts you about the number of unread items in google reader among all the feeds you follow, It is a handy tool that will rest in your system tray and notify you about your new Google Reader entries.


As shown in the image above, it will show a small notification which will show the number of unread items and will also tell you about the number of new unread feed items which has been added the last time it notified you.

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Once installed, it will start running showing a small system tray icon, you can right click on the system tray icon to set preferences and enter your google reader username and password.


As shown in the snapshot above, you can set a audio file which will be played every time it shows the unread items notifications above the system tray in windows taskbar, In short this is a simple and nice utility which allows you to keep a live watch over unread feed items in your google reader.

Download Google Reader Desktop Notifier

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