Google Promoting Annoying Orange Wazzup Video Under Feeds Ads Of Websites

Since morning, when I started reading feeds different other websites through google reader I noticed a strange thing across most the websites feeds, that under the feed ads I noticed that google is actually intentionally promoting one of the video on youtube called Annoying Orange Wazzup video by showing it as feeds ads by google, so as to increase its number of the views to the great number, Very recently I read a post about most watched videos on 2010 on youtube, looks like google wants to increase more views of this specific video.

12-15-2010 5-08-18 PM

Looks like google is intentionally promoting some videos on youtube by increasing the number of views of the video this way, did you notice some thing similar, please leave a comment with snapshot of the same, if it occurred with you too.

PS: Some how we could not take the snapshot, as we clicked on some other website feed in google reader and the video does not appeared in the feeds at the place of ads for feeds may be because we watched the video.

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