Google Profiles Has Got New Design

Google is planning to get more social day by day, the last time I saw google getting social with the introduction of google buzz, this time they have re designed google profiles interface. Google profiles are now redesigned to look more cool and fun to browse, its look much like the facebook profile looks like a bite has been taken from facebook while giving the new look to google profiles.


On Google Profiles, you can now click on a section of your profile to edit it, add "10 words that describe you best", bragging rights, relationship information, structured information about your education and employment, a scrapbook with your favorite photos.

Below is how does my new profile page looks like.

3-3-2011 9-50-40 PM

Now, there is option which lets you hide buzz on your google profile and you can make it visible or not visible in google profile search for other people. This new change seems to be part of their strategy behind the new upcoming webservice called google me. In all google profiles has got much smarter, nicer in looks after all these changes rolled out.

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