Google Plus Tips, Tricks & Hacks Part 1

Google has recently rolled out there new webservice google+ which is social networking initiative by google, it allows you to be in touch with your friends, chat with them, share photos, share views and pretty much every thing you have done on facebook, it may look like a facebook clone to you but its much more powerful in terms of functionality and data flow, all the updates you see on are real time and instant, you don’t need to refresh a page to the see the new comment or update it automatically fetches and display them.

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We have already wrote some tips on google plus like how can you stop email notifications from google plus and how you can you stop others to comment or re share a google plus update posted by you, today we will take you through a tour of more tips and tricks you can use on google plus and be more productive while using it.

Below are some of tips and tricks shared by Matt Cuts from google in his stream update of google plus are below, keep watching this link as people are contributing more tips on this post.

A few Google+ tips

1. You can click on profile pictures to rotate through them. Nice find by +MG Siegler on that one.

2. In the stream, you can click ‘j’ to navigate down to the next item or ‘k’ to navigate up. I think it’s the same keys that Gmail uses, which is probably in turn because +Paul Buchheit uses vi and created Gmail.

3. If you’re sharing a post with a small circle of people, you can prevent resharing. Click the arrow at the top-right of the post and choose “Disable reshare.”

4. If you’re looking for more fun things in your stream, the “Incoming” stream is stuff from people who are sharing with you, but who you haven’t added to a circle.

5. One great one from +Frederic Lardinois is that “there is some basic text formatting, too: (*)bold(*), (_)italics(_) and (-)strike-through(-) are the ones I’ve noticed so far.”

Some of other tips and tricks we discovered while exploring google+ are as follows.

Invite new people in google+ even those who are not your google contacts with their email id, this way they get some update from you via email only they cant use google+

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But once they click on red button on email which says know more about google+ project they will be redirected to signup page of google plus

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You can invite more people via email under find and invite section under circles section.

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You can easily do a video chat with maximum 10 of your google+ buddies at a time using the hangout feature.

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You can update and post any thing on your stream which can be text,audio, video, link or location update.

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The notification bar which pops up from top right corner from the google black bar can almost show the updates preview and or even entire update by clicking view new comments without heading on to the update page as shown in the image below.

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All these notifications keep appearing on the new google black bar which appears across all the google services so that you don’t miss any notifications.

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There is small quick status update box on the top right of the google plus interface which pops up from the black google bar as shown in the image below.

6-30-2011 2-09-03 PM

Google+ notifications does not appear in same way as facebook but rather they are more real time and appears in the red colored notifications in the black google bar.

6-30-2011 2-08-38 PM

You can also view your profile as how any one else would your google plus profile as shown in the image below.

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6-30-2011 2-03-41 PM

Under google+ settings you can also configure and add other accounts which can be liked to your google plus profile as shown in the image below.

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6-30-2011 11-02-52 AM

You can also uncheck the option under connected accounts if you don’t want google to use contact information to suggest accounts from other sites as shown in the image below.

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Just like in facebook you have seen wall, here you have a stream page where you see the popular and most recent updates as shown in the image below.

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You can also control the email notifications under the google+ settings and when you would like to receive email notifications and when you don’t want them as shown in the image below.

6-30-2011 1-38-40 PM

You can easily access the google+ settings from drop down menu from black google bar on the top right of the page.

6-30-2011 1-36-36 PM

You can also very easily mute or hide a post and its conversation as shown in the image below.

6-30-2011 5-14-23 PM

6-30-2011 1-03-37 PM

You can also disable re share or disable comments on any of your status update.

6-30-2011 12-49-53 PM

Just like google buzz or facebook you can tag people by adding @ and then typing their name in replied on google+ updates as shown in the image below.

6-30-2011 12-10-22 PM

As right now its small set of people using google+ you can send feedback by selecting send feedback in the drop down menu from the top right menu which pops up from black google bar after opening the page of google+ for which you want to send feedback.

6-30-2011 5-20-04 PM

6-30-2011 10-58-38 AM

Under sparks section on google+ you can get latest updates on different topic come to you periodically automatically for free.

6-30-2011 10-32-47 AM

You can easily add a person who added you to his/her circle just right away from the notification bar which really makes the whole process so simple and easy for any user.

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We are in process of exploring more tips and tricks with time, stay tuned we will be posting about more useful tips and tricks about google+ that will help you further to do things fast and smart way on this new google service.

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