Google Online Storage Device as Google Cloud Picker Coming Soon

Huff!!! From past three days I have been talking only of Google and today again I am here to talk about. Google keeps on testing new feature and then it releases them as soon as possible. Almost every day it does something new to their products or given us some hint about their new product. The best update will be seen on December 7th, but today I am here to talk about a new feature launched by Google ( not launched but indicated), which is known as Google Cloud Picker. In this post I will be telling you about its features and advantages.


Google Cloud Picker, you can easily get an idea from it name. It clearly states that you can easily pick something from Cloud or internet. Google finally launched their online storage device. Now you can save all the images, all the videos from YouTube and then all document files at a single destination over internet. I personally feel that this will really help the bloggers because they really need the collection of videos and images for their posts to be at one place and hence this will be a great feature from Google for bloggers.

So you can keep all your favorites on that Google Cloud Picker but let me tell you that this service has not been launched yet. The service is not even complete and it was put on in the web accidentally, so you need to search on Google again and again for taking a glance at it but now they will be launching it as soon as possible as this is one of the premium features which are supported by Google Chrome OS. You can have a look at the snapshot shown above.

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