Google Maps Now Shows Delhi DTC Transit Routes For Delhi NCR & Ahemdabad

Google Maps now has some more information for the maps of Capital of India. You must have observed that whenever you search for some directions from one place to another then you can either select the driving direction options or you can go for Public transit. In the latter option, you will get to know about the public conveyance which you can use to travel to that particular location, unfortunately till today this feature was not available in most of the parts of India like Delhi, Ahmadabad and many more.


By the title of the post you must have got idea that now users can know about the public transit of Delhi and Ahmadabad. As far as my knowledge is concerned then this was already working in Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune as they have really good means of public transportation, so it might have been very easy of the Googlers to track this on their Google Maps. But now they have also covered Delhi and Ahmadabad and thus all the Android users and iOS users take a huge sigh of relief, as just recently the new update of Google Maps application on Google included this option of Public transit.


  • When you search for a location on the Google Maps, follow the following steps to use that Public transit to reach that location.
  • First find the location where you want to go, you will see a bubble on the page locating that location.
  • Now click that bubble and then click the option ‘Directions from here’, now you will see another field popping on the left of the maps, enter your current location.
  • Now click the Train symbol button, which represents the Public Transit and fill the required fields like, the time at which you want to make the move (as by default current time will be filled in it)and then click search.
  • Now finally you will be able to see all the results for reaching that location with the help of all the public transport. Select the best as per your convenience.

I hope sooner rest of the states will also be covered in our country. I hope that this information might be useful for you, if it is then please go on sharing it with your friends and keep visiting us again.

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