Google Maps For Mobile Phone Browser Gets New Features [For Android & iOS Devices]

Google Maps is now getting better on your mobile phones, especially for Android and iOS. Google is trying it best to introduce most of the features of the desktop version of the Google Maps on the handsets, as they are very much usable on handsets rather on Desktops. They have added some new feature in the Google Maps application and we will be talking about these new features and enumerate them in this post.


Google claims that now they have covered almost 40% of the desktop feature of the Google Maps and they are still working on it to more of them. Generally when we are on our way to some place, we do need this application a lot because they act like a path finder for us. Some of the new implemented features are mentioned below:

  • Now you will have clickable icons for the popular businesses and transit stations.
  • Now you can get the direction to a specific location by Walk, by personal conveyance and by public transit.
  • You can add or remove the layers on that map as per your convenience to watch the route or to reach out to a particular destination.
  • When you will signed to your Google Account then you will also be able to see the starred place results which were saved in your profile on the map.
  • All the locations on the page will be placed with photos, rating, their working hours and other details.

If you are searching for particular on this application then it will also tell you about the useful places around it, for your help. After reading all the above new specification for that tool, I think now it will be a real fun to use Google Maps on you phone and this new improvement also gives a boost to the publicity of their maps, which is still far ahead of Bing Maps. You can use this application with new Android phones and iOS devices

I hope that this information will prove useful to you, especially who are having an Android or an iOS phone would love to update this application as soon as possible. Please share this information with your friends and also let us know if you discover anything new with it, we would love to share it.

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