Google Live Stream, Real Time Search Results

As it seems and some users noticed google has started testing their real time live search, in which you just type in the search terms in search box and you can see the results appearing or changing in real time.

Rob Ousbey an SEO Expert calls this experiment "live updating Google search results", Google uses the word "streaming", while others may call it instant search or incremental search. Google probably wants to morph the search box into a query builder with instant preview.

This new feature is not available to anyone till now, but some users are noticing the change when they type the search query on google homepage. Google moves the search box at the top of the page and displays the results. "Open the Google page and start typing. Previously, the screen didn’t shift. Now, though, as soon as you start typing, Google shifts the search box to the top of the page, and displays ads to the right and distracting search results below." The new UI can be disabled by clicking on "turn off streaming" next to the search box.

[ Via Google Operating System ]

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