Google+ iPhone, iPad Web App Review

Google has recently launched google+ which is their new social networking initiative which resembles much more like facebook but its much more powerful in terms of functionality and data flow, all the updates you see on are real time and instant, you don’t need to refresh a page to the see the new comment or update it automatically fetches and display them.

Since the day I signed up for google+ I have been using it on and off on my iphone and ipad as well, its really almost the same experience I had while using google+ on my iphone or ipad as web interface very nicely designed to suit as per both the iphone and ipad screen resolutions, however there was some lacking functions which did not allowed me upload the pictures in updates from web interface.


The web interface provides a full screen view of google+ with notifications hidden at the top of the screen which you can slide down any time.


You can see the photos from your circles in thumbnails preview before you see them in full size as shown in the image below.


You can easily add any one to your circles from the web interface and view their profile which loads very quickly even slow speed connections as shown in the image below.


You have the home screen from where you can navigate to stream, photos, circles, profile and notifications which makes its real easy for you to browse across different things on google+ web interface for iphone, ipad and other mobile devices quickly.


You can add and check in to different local places near by


In all you can do everything from google+ web app interface for iphone, ipad and other mobile devices except for photo uploading in status updates, but we have heard some news a full fledged iphone and ipad app coming soon in apple app store, so keep watching this space we will let you know once it rolls out.

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