Google Instant Search Mobile Search Is Active Now

One of the greatest change made by Google this year was the Instant search feature which was added just few months back and now Google has decided that they will be introducing this features in mobile phones also. So, today in this post we will be telling you about this news and the other specification which has been decided by them to introduce this feature in mobile phone. I hope you will love it.


So, Google finally switched on to mobiles from the computer and now they have decided that sooner all the iPhone and the Android phones will be able to use this feature of Google as we know that this feature really saves our time and when we talk about mobiles then we know that we try our best not to go for using keypads to type any text as it is so uncomfortable when we already are addicted to work on computers. So, this instant feature will be the part for mobiles, as it saves our time by predictions and then simultaneously showing the results. but then you might be thinking that uses high speed internet and so it will work at its normal pace only with 3G or Wi-Fi connection, let me tell you that you are right but turning instant Search On and Off is so simple that you will just have to toggle a switch again and again.

Till now they have decided that firstly, all the US users will be using them and then it will passed on to the rest of the world. They have also decided that only iPhone users and the Android users will able use this features and more specially iPhone should be equipped with iOS 4 and the Android version should be 2.2 “FROYO”. I am waiting eagerly to see this feature on my phone.

This is a very smart initiative taken by Google, as the major requirement of this search is on mobile where people hesitate to type the text. We will try our best to keep you updated with any news or information related to this topic till then if you get any piece of information which has not been shared by us then please let us know by putting it in the comments section s and if we found it genuine then we will be glad to share it with the rest if users. Till then, Keep reading and have a nice day!!!

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