Google Images – Add Google Images As Search Engine In FireFox Search Bar [ Firefox Tip ]

If you are the one like me who is getting tired of searching the images with some text for which you search images, and normally you do a normal google search through firefox search box and them click the images link to see the images which is quite tedious. Google Images is a free firefox addon which makes this tasks simple by adding the google images search as searching location in firefox search bar and allows you to search google images directly through firefox default search box.


After installing this addon, it will add google images search location as search engine in the firefox default search box, this extension is really a good time saver as it avoid clicking the images link every time you do a search normally without this addon with firefox search bar.

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In order to search directly on google images you just need to select google images by pressing ctrl+up down arrows keys.

Install Google Images Addon For Firefox 

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