Google Has Limited The Number Of Words In Search Query To 32 Words Maximum Taken Under Consideration

Its been some days I started observing some new changes in google search, like the layout and recently they are also introduced some new features like instant pages and search with an image, today when I just searched some large query by mistake on google search, when I copied some part of a paragraph and accidently searched the same, google search showed me some message as shown in the image below.

6-17-2011 12-32-16 PM

As you can see from the image above, google now will take a 32 words query but not more than that, and in case the number of words in a text query exceeds then it will take upto 32 words in consideration, so all the words which appear after 32nd word will be ignored by google while searching. It will also tell in case you query exceeds 32 words, it will tell you the 32th word so that you know until which word your query make sense to google without requiring to count the number of words in it.

This restriction seems ok as normally most of the people search query will actually end before 32 words, so it makes sense to impose some restrictions like this over the search and make load on google servers a little lighter. Its been some time this thing has been rolled out, not sure when it was rolled out in public.

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