Google Guru Launched and Then Taken Down By Google

If we take a look about all the facilities offered by Google to us then one of the most important services offered to us is to solve our problem by providing us the sufficient information without even considering the nature of the problem. I am talking about Google Search which solves the entire problem by providing us the sufficient amount of information. I suppose that the information will be more crucial and important if we get some suggestions or advice by some of the experts on that topic and keeping this point in mind Google has thought of launching another service which is named as Google Guru.


In this post I will be writing about that service which has been launched by Google. Google Guru is a service in which you will be able to contact the expert of any field and then you will be able to share your views and then you can get his expert comments on your problem. Now you will ask that who all will be there to give us the suggestions. This service will have a point system, if you want to be a part of this service then you will have to sign up and then you can take part in different subjects to suggest different people. If they are satisfied by your suggestion or solutions then they will give you some points which will be added in your account.

Whenever you want to take any help then you can select the person with the highest amount of points on that list and then you can start chatting with. It may happen that he is busy then he might not reply you. But then you can find other on the list to answer you. Now this service has not been launched for India and few more countries but you can see for Thailand. I love this service and hope that it will be launched for our country in no time.

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Check out google guru at [ Looks like the URL is down right now ]

[ Source – Google Blogoscoped ]

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