Google Filed Case Against US Government Being Biased

What a nice news to share with your all, firstly I would like to thank Abhishek to let me share it with all our readers. So, Google has sued the federal Government of United States of America. Sure!! now you must be getting interested in reading the content. the reason behind bringing the Federal Government in the courtroom is upon the decision of the Govt which selected the Microsoft Web Based Document System. Now, Google is insisting that they were biased in making that decision or I should say that Google is not satisfied by the wrongly evaluated decision of US govt.


Google states that the problem which was stated by US was around the services served by Microsoft. I personally feel that Microsoft is already the best among the various services provided till date. So, US govt would have though of avoiding every risk when it came to handling the documents. I feel that Google still has to fight a lot if it wants to be in the good list of companies which are preferred by US federal govt. Google stated that it wanted the evaluation to be unbiased and perfect but this was not with this case.

As far as my personal views are concerned then I will equal marks to both Google and Microsoft. Google has brought the UD govt in the court on the basis that the judhement taken by the government on behalf of the selection of Microsoft  is really not satisfactory as Google tries its best this time but even then they were successful because there was the extra ordinary match between the desires mentioned US govt and the services which were offered by Microsoft. Obviously their document based applications like Microsoft Office, Sharepoint, Powerpoint, word and many more are outstanding and till date no one can compete them to the slightest.

Lets see about the results of this case and I expect that results may not fall in the favor of Google, but its just a prediction, let see what will be outcome. We will try our best to keep you updated with the latest information related to this news and meanwhile if you get to know anything new then please let us know by writing it in the comments section. We will be glad to share it with the other readers if we found it genuine. Till then keep reading and have a nice day!!!

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