Remove Video Playlist Bar On YouTube At The Bottom Of Page & Stop Autoplay

You must have observed that YouTube, now uses a little heavy interface with lots of flash utilities on their webpage, and one of the new features which can be seen on this new version of YouTube is the new playlist bar which is present at the bottom of the web-page. This is the new playlist bar which help you to see all the videos in that playlist without searching for them on YouTube manually.


But sometimes it seems annoying when we only want to see the selected videos and it automatically starts the next video. In this post we will see that you can get rid of that playlist bar at the bottom of the page.


We will be telling you about the Google Chrome extension which can help you to get rid of that playlist bar. It sometimes happens that when we want to see only one video, then it automatically keeps on playing another video which is somewhat annoying. With the help of this extension you will not get that playlist again and then once your selected video has been played completely it will stop buffering at that point. So you can work comfortably while keeping a video on buffering.

The link to download this extension has been mentioned at the bottom of the article, you can go for using this extension or you can use one of other methods to avoid these playlist bar, by not signing in your account, but that seems really impractical because once you are logged in to your Gmail or any of the Google web-services account then you will automatically get logged into your YouTube account, so I suppose this will be the best way to avoid this annoying bar. Please let us know if you face any issue while using this extension or if this problem still persists after this remedy.

Install Youtube Video Playlist Bar Remover Google Chrome Extension from here

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