Google Ebooks Store Launched

Now you can also read book on Google. Google has launched it online e-book store and there you can read lots and lots of books. Google is trying to cover all the domains for which a user will interact with the internet it feels like they want the users to live Google, drink Google, eat Google and that is the reason everyday they try to improve themselves and now this e-book store. You cannot deny one fact that whenever Google introduces anything it tries its best and hence they have tried their best to make this online store of worth spending time.


This online store has a huge collection of books most of them are for and few of them can be bought. The buying feature on this store has been enabled only for US but soon other countries will also be able to take the advantage of this feature. They have a collection of more than 3 million and they have tried their best to cover all the subjects with best books available in the market. Just select the domain of the books which you want to search and then enter the most probable name of that book it will come out in the results section. You can read the books online or if you want then you can download the free edition books and then you can read them while you are offline.

Once you search the book you can mark that book under your profile so whenever you enter the e-book store with that login ID that book will be kept under ‘My e-book’ so you just need to search them once and then mark them so that you can download that book at any time. I must tell you that you will only be able to read the free edition e-books not the paid one. I personally appreciate this effort of Google specially those who are addict to book reading they will love to see such a huge collection of book here at Google e-book store.

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Google e-book store

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