Google Docs Direct Uploader

Sharing documents meant for commercial or professional use has been a problem for quite a while until various developers showed up with their websites where users are allowed to store files online and share them with their friends and family.

Sharing is necessary sometimes but uploading your files online is quite inconvenient with problems coming from the online uploaders. But to this problem the solution came up in the form of various desktop tools enabling one to conveniently upload files to their intended websites.

Out of all the websites Google Docs sets itself apart since it is being used by an appreciable number of users across the world and is simple and fast in every aspect which one could think of. The interface of GDocs is very simple and users create files quickly without going through any trouble.

A bunch of desktop tools are also available which let users to upload files directly to GDocs website and carry a list of limitations out of which the most important one is that such tools stop working after a certain period of time.As we know every problem brings a solution with it, and to the above one, a 151KB tool is the solution which does not carry any limitation with it.

Gdocs Uploader

The small tool is known as GDocs Uploader which is very very user friendly and comes with a unique facility of Drag and Drop. Using it is very simple as you have to login first using your GMAIL ID and once you are logged on just drag the file you wish to upload and drop in the tool’s window.

A Few Important Things To Keep In Mind

  • The software runs only if Adobe Air is installed on your computer.
  • It can upload only those file formats which are supported by Google Docs, so one must not try to upload files which is not supported by the website.

Another surprising fact about it is that it responds rapidly and uploads files without any obstruction i.e without getting stuck while uploading a file.


The software supports most of the popular operating systems namely:

  • Windows Operating Systems
  • Linux
  • Mac

The software has been tested on Windows 7 32Bit version and works fine. So what are you waiting for ? Download the tool and enjoy uploading files at ease.

Download GDocs Uploader

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