Google Docs Coming Up Printing Which Does Not Need Actual Printer To Be Connected

Google online Document based services are really a good mark on the part of Google, Google Docs have always been used by us to view the word documents, Power-point presentations and spreadsheet and even if you want to edit something in them then you use Google Docs to make any amendment in the file. Google has thought of introducing the concept of cloud printing in their web based document services and in this post I will be telling you about the purpose of introducing it and what other discrepancies are still left in the attaining the purpose.


Google definitely wants to increase the popularity of its products and this can be done only when people feel very easy while using them. The concept of cloud printing will not require the drivers of the printers to be installed on your system or I should say that while printing the document using the Google Docs there is no need to worry about the Local Operating System on your computer. This concept will help you to print the document through your printer without using any driver installed on your system. They have planned to implement the cloud print in the next version of Google Chrome browser which will be available to you in the next update.

Though this newly introduced feature help them to reach their goal but there are lots of factors which has not been covered yet, like the application covered in Google Docs do not allow to edit any image file or they do not allow the user to edit any video, The most popular format of all the files is PDF and Google Docs does not even allow to edit those files and I would say that before taking any other initiative they should go for making an application with the help of which we can create the non-editable PDF files because according to me, this will be a great shot for their goal.

We will try our best to keep you updated with all the latest information related to this news but if you get to know anything new related to this news which has been covered yet then please let us know by writing it in the comments section as we will be glad to share it if we found it genuine. So, till then keep reading and have a nice day!!!

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